All programs are centered on the education and development of the children and families in our community. We work to raise awareness on the side of the stricken as to how they can help themselves and again on the side of the community at large so that we may encourage them to become involved in the good fight.

Early Childhood Development

ECD programs are geared to grow the social and emotional, language and communication, physical – and cognitive abilities of toddlers.

Child Protection Month

During the month of May, we intently concentrate on the safety of our children. The threats to their well-being are numerous and all encompassing. It is our solemn duty not only to inform them of potential hazards but also to teach them how to safeguard themselves. We further advise teachers and parents on how to identify possible cases of abuse and how to respond in these situations.

Youth Month

The 16th of June is Youth Day and in this month we turn our attention to the teens. A solid education and a goal for the future is paramount to them taking charge of their lives and we consider it crucial to empower them to do just that.

Mandela Day

Family is fundamental to a healthy, well-balanced childhood and as such we opt to develop children within their family units in so far as it is possible. To that end we identify a family home in need of restoration then we roll up our sleeves and hop to it. It is however not the entire extent of our Mandela Day projects, we typically join in as many supportive ventures as we can on the day.

Men's Program

Being the head of the house, we believe it is imperative to educate men in every aspect of being responsible and reliable husbands, fathers and sons. We tackle social ills like woman and child abuse and alcohol and narcotics dependency along with unemployment concerns, spirituality and hygiene. Our objective is to let these men know that we understand their frustrations and challenges but at the same time we impress upon them that it is no excuse for acting out and abandoning their duties as men.

Women's Program

August is Women’s month and so we spend the month celebrating the herculean feat that our mothers wrestle with continuously. We host programs to encourage them and to show them that we recognize their invaluable and irreplaceable roles in society and as with their menfolk, we understand their challenges and we are here to help.

16 Days of Activism against women and Child Abuse; World Aids Day

Each of our programs are vital but we are especially invested in this program. Awareness surrounding the deplorable incidences of child abuse and keeping our children safe is at the very core of the existence of our organisation. Abuse of both women and children take on so many reprehensible forms but the chief of these is sexual in nature and so the correlation with World Aids Day.

Holiday Programs

We keep our wards off of the streets and safe during school holidays with programs intended to augment the school curriculum. The kids are treated to goodies like backpacks filled with toys, stationery and hygiene packs while engaging in all manners of educational play.

Family Preservation Programs

We also host monthly psychosocial – and parenting programs in a bid to equip parents and foster parents with the necessary skills to adequately cope with caring for their dependents as well as to teach basic life skills that will preserve family units and minimize the need to remove children from their parental homes. Topics such as hygiene, budgeting, substance abuse, discipline – and safety measures, rights and responsibilities and self-care are typically at the order of the day.


Parenting Program

During these programs we advise parents on budgeting, substance abuse, self-care (hygiene and emotional well-being), discipline measures, safety measures and challenges faced when caring for orphans and vulnerable children.

Psychosocial Program with Children

Psychosocial programs are held monthly with children throughout the year. These programs have focus on the following:

  • Building self esteem
  • Teaching children about team work
  • Importance of listening
  • Caring for oneself and ensuring good hygiene
  • Keeping safe at all times
  • How to utilise household items to keep busy during holidays
  • Talks were rendered on: Drug abuse, Peer Pressure and Self Esteem
  • Rights and responsibilities