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As an NPO we are no strangers to challenges. Resources are always a concern. Child Welfare SA – Port Shepstone is not a government branch and other than the social workers’ salary subsidies provided by the Department of Social Development, we do not receive governmental operational funding. We rely solely on fundraising initiatives, the generous support of the public and the crucial aid of organisations such as the Community Chest and the National Lottery Commission to keep us functional. In short, we cannot help our children if you do not help us.
In return for your kind donation, we can offer you a Section18A receipt. Being that we are an approved public benefit organisation any gifts made to us will qualify you or your business for an income tax deduction. 

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You can also fundraise on our behalf with little to no effort. Simply click on the button below to set up your campaign in a few easy steps and then share it on your social media pages and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

Donate via GivenGain

Should you prefer to donate via EFT kindly complete the donation form below.

Bank: First National Bank
Account name: Child Welfare South Africa – Port Shepstone
Account number: 534 802 19064
Branch code: 220 228
Swift code: FIRNZAJJ

Please feel free to complete the following EFT donation form. Your details will not be given to any other external sources.

Donation Form

Financial aid is however not the only means by which you can support us. Your time, love, expertise and passion for our cause is invaluable. Should you choose to make a tangible contribution in this regard we wish to invite you to become a member of our organisation for a mere R100.00 annually. As a member you may opt to join our Management Committee and exert an active vote in the governance of our organisation. We would happily welcome on board.  


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